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why iucg

  1. Secular curriculum (approved by NAB and UG, Legon) – This ensures that IUCG delivers academic programmes similar to those to be found in every university (public and private) in Ghana. English language is the medium of instruction. As Islamic institution, IUCG gives opportunity to all students (Muslims, Christians, and others) to learn basic Arabic, but Arabic language is not a medium of instruction.
  2. Industry-oriented curriculum – The IUCG curriculum for each degree programme is centred on practical education with rigorous academic study and research so that when one graduates from here, one would require little or no further training to get on a job in his/her area of study. Compulsory study of (a) Entrepreneurship and Small-Business Management makes it possible for the graduates of IUCG to stake out on his/her own business of interest, and (b) Introductory courses in Islamic and Christian faiths ensure basic knowledge of the most important religious beliefs and hence peaceful religious co-existence in Ghana and all over the world.
  3. Reasonable faculty-student ratio – This makes intellectual engagement between students and lecturers more interactive and effective.
  4. Moderate fees – The fees charged at IUCG are about the lowest among those charged by other private universities in Ghana. Also, the terms of payment are flexible.
  5. Scholarship for students with good academic standing – At the beginning of each academic year, the best student in each programme is eligible for a scholarship for that year. This is to in still in students the need to strive for academic excellence.
  6. Qualified academic and administrative staff
  7. Academic excellence and moral uprightness
  8. Modern facilities for teaching and learning – This creates serene atmosphere for quality teaching and learning


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