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IUCG Honours Outgoing President                                                            15th July, 2019

The Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG) has today (July 15) held a farewell in honour of its outgoing President, Dr.

Mohsen Maarefi, for his outstanding contributions to the IUCG.

Presenting a brief profile of Dr Maarefi, the Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mr. Mohammed Mujib, outlined some of the

outstanding achievements of Dr. Maarefi during his 5-year tenure as President. These included the promulgation of the IUCG

Constitution and Statutes, Establishment of the Faculty of Education & Psychology, Creation of the Directorate of Internal

Quality Assurance, Expansion of IUCG Scholarship Scheme (INSFund), introduction of double admissions window within an

academic year, among others.

Members present took turns to extoll the visionary leadership of Dr. Maarefi. In his tribute, Dr. Gamel Nasser Adam, Vice

Presidentfor Academic Affairs, was full of praise for the exemplary leadership exhibited by Dr. Maarefi. He added that the

outgoingpresident’s interpersonal relationship with his staff was beyond anything he has ever seen. He said the president had

a certain enthusiasm and a high level of motivation directed at uplifting the image of the University College. “One thing I

want to add is, Dr. Maarefi is not too keen on bureaucracies; he likes to see things [done] in their practical form”. He also

underscored the significant initiatives championed by the outgoing president to give the Islamic University an exceptional

facelift, such as his vision and insightful contribution to the University’s strategic plan of becoming a world-class University.

Dr. Maarefi thanked all who were present for their support. He stressed thatthe time had come for him to leave for another to succeed him, and admitted that leaving the IUCG was a very painful and difficult experience for him. He said even though he was leaving as the president of the IUCG, he would still contribute to the development of the institution in any way he could, and his love for the IUCG would never change. “I have traveled to many countries but never stayed at one place for over a year, so this country means a lot to me”, he said. Dr. Maarefi concluded his emotional speech saying: “I ask for forgiveness for all my shortcomings. For we are all human and are bound to make mistakes every now and then”.

The Acting Registrar, Mr. Awudu Moro, presented a citation of honour on behalf of the Chairman and members of the IUCG Council. The IUCG Council was full of praise for the significant successes chalked by the outgoing president, and wished him well in his future endeavours. Also presenting a citation on behalf of Majma Ahlul Bait, Sheikh Abu Jaja, recounted how through the support of Dr. Maarefi, Majma had been able to set up a studio for their activities and published some books for propagation of Islam.

Dignitaries present at the function included the senior and junior members of IUCG, the Director of Ahlul Bait Teacher Training Institute, the Director of Majma Ahlul Bait, the Director of Imam Jafar Institute, Kumasi, and the Headmaster and students of Lady Fatima Girls SHS.

By Al-Hadar Mumuni

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