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Day 2 of the orientation Programme for Fresh Students of the Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG )continued on Friday, November 1, 2019. The purpose of these activities is to guide the newly admitted students on academic and campus life during their stay in the University.

 Just like Day 1, there was again a line up of speakers called upon to welcome and engage the students.

Students at the event


Alhaji Yusuf Hamdam took the Students through the course layout for the Business Courses and what students who offer them are to expect. Mr. Amaoning-Annan Ato and Dr. Ernest E. Awanta took their turns to do same for B.A in Communication Studies and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) respectively.

Ms. Vida Atiim, Operations Manager of the Students Loans Trust Funds also took the students through the processes of acquiring a loan from her outfit. The students were thought the procedures, of who is eligible for a loan, how to apply, persons qualified to be guarantors and the repayment structure of the loan. Ms. Atiim a self-confessed beneficiary of this governmental initiative advised the students to take advantage of the Students Loan in the near future when the need arises. Due to its flexible repayment structure as well as the low interest rate it comes with.

The first speaker of the day Mr. Fusheini Issah a Banker and an alumni of the University College, spoke to the students on preparing for a career in the Corporate World. He said that it is important that students know the difference between a Job and a Career. Mr. Issah advised that more than anything, their focus should be on building a career rather than just securing a job. Adding that, their career starts from now. “Having a job is different from having a career and having a career is different from having a job. A job is something you just do to earn money, but a career is connected with other opportunities” the renowned banker said.

He also advised the students to use the SMART approach when planning for a succesful career. which means their idea must have a Specific Goal, must be Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and should be within a particular Timeframe.

 Hon. Bataglia Mohammed Issah Parliamentary Candidate for Sissala West, charged the freshmen and women to focus on making a difference during their stay on campus. He took them through his experience as a former student and the story of his professional life.

Hon. Batagli Mohammed Issah Speeking at the event 1

He also advised that they should start building a network base that will help them thrive in the corporate world. He said, “open up, connect and network but make it a positive networking system. It is network that will help you progress in and out school.”

Finally Mr. Bataglia adviced the students to strive for the best and that the "Grade A" is not a costomised grade for only one person or a particular group of people. Saying that each and everyone of them can attain it provided they work hard for it.

The final phase of the orientation is scheduled to take place on Saturday 2nd November, 2019.

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