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SRC president Mr. Mahama Alhassan addressing the students

SRC president Mr. Mahama Alhassan addressing the students

The Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG) brought its three-day Orientation Programme for level 100s to a successful end on Saturday, 2nd November, 2019. The climax of the three-day programme saw members of staff, students, invited guest/alumni and patrons gather at the institutions auditorium to witness the occasion.

On the day, student leaders were given the opportunity to engage the new entrants. The SRC was represented by its President Mr. Mahama Alhassan. He introduced the SRC to the students and welcomed them to the University College. He gave them words of encouragement and advised them to abide by the rules and regulations of the institution in order to have a peaceful and successful stay on campus.

The Director of Academic Administration, Mr. Mohammed Kassim, took the students through the university’s grading system. He elaborated on how to calculate their GradePoint Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). This was in an effort to help them constantly check themselves and help continually keep them on the right track. Mr. Kassim advised the students to take the exercise seriously as it would help them track their progress academically and give them a fair idea of what Class they are likely to achieve at the end of their programme.

Ms Adu Twumwaa Deborah speaking at the Orientation

Ms Adu Twumwaa Deborah speaking at the Orientation

Guest speaker for the day, an alumna and graduate of 2006 batch shared her story and experiences with the fresh students. Ms.Adu-Twumwaa Deborah a lecturer at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) shared her experience as a Christian student who defied constant criticisms from naysayers to become a first class graduateat an Islamic institution.

The highlight of Ms. Adutwumwaa’s presentation came when she advised the students to make good use of social media. This, she believes will help them properly strike the balance between academic life and other activities.

She revealed that through social media she has learnt and acquired many skills. She is now a certified fashion designer, all thanks to watching sewing tutorials on YouTube. She advised that social media can be either good or bad depending on how you use it. “So much time is wasted on these social media platforms which could have been channeled to studying and doing other activities. I am not saying do not use social media itis good and very beneficial but it is up to you the user to learn how to use it well”, she posited.

Vice President of academics at IUCG Dr. Gammel Nasser, addressed the issue of sexual harassment. A widely discussed topic in recent times due to an undercover investigative documentary by the BBC at University of Ghana, Legon (UG) and University of Lagos (UNILag). He said, “when you find your superior asking for sexual favors in order to doctor your grades it constitute a very serious offence… they create a very hostile environment where students do not have the right frame of mind to study”.

He outlined the process of reporting cases of sexual harassment or misconduct and advised that students should report all cases to the authority whenever they feel harassed in anyway.

The three-day Orientation Programme, is an annual event organized by Management of the IUCG towards ensuring better communication between management and the student body and also to inspire them towards achieving the very best during their stay on campus.

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