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Ayatollah Prof. Alireza Aarafi (IUCG Chancellor) to the IUCG Community





Distinguished, Lecturers, Dedicated Members of Staff and Respected Students of the Islamic University College Ghana, ASSALAMU ALAIKUM WARAHMATULLAHI WABARAKATUH


Any and every change in man is influenced by internal and external conditions. The beginning of an academic year is a time for change and evolution which can directly influence our current and future identity and progress. Being in an academic environment precipitates a lot of conditions for change and evolution in our hearts and attitudes, just as it is when one sits and associates with scholars and upright people. It leads to an improved insight and a positive change in attitude.


The human being is a dichotomy of body and soul. This dichotomy imposes some limitation on the soul. This notwithstanding, the human being can elevate himself from the lowest to the highest position; and attain all the divine attributes through which the entire world came into existence. To achieve this, the human being must discipline and train his body in order to attain unity and harmony of body and soul. The human being then becomes a manifestation of his merciful lord and creator. He thus radiates peace, love, calmness, friendship and happiness towards everything that exists including non-human objects; and attains perfect harmony with the universe and everything contained therein. His ontological perspective will also reflect that perfection. Therefore, he never allows himself to see another being thirsty, hungry, homeless, or naked or suffering any oppression from the enemy or affliction. He seeks freedom for the captive, shelter for the homeless, clothes for the naked, food for the hungry, and water for the thirsty regardless of whether they are human or non-human.


This kind of love for everything that exists does not allow for one to consider taking of another’s life, oppressing him, maligning his reputation, defiling his dignity, as permissible. It does not allow for one to declare other people as non-believers and therefore worthless.


Islam teaches that whoever says the two testimonies even if he does so with manifest hypocrisy has earned the right for his life, dignity, reputation and property to be protected. Islam strives to build a model society where everyone lives in peace, tolerance, kindness and work within the framework of peace and justice.


Islamic University College Ghana as a high centre of learning has a responsibility for teaching and purification of the Ghanaian society and must therefore train the youth based on belief in Allah and the purity of human nature; and to prepare them for the advancement of human society. You all must therefore strive to uphold the dignity of human existence, and to promote intra and inter-religious dialogue. This principle which is the central message of Islam invites all people to the unity of humanity and requires all to relate with one another in peace, justice, love and kindness.


I pray Allah to grant you all, Distinguished Lecturers, Dedicated Staff, Students, and Alumni of IUCG; success, good fortune, and happiness.


Professor Ayatullah Alireza Aarafi
President of MIU and Chancellor of IUCG



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