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The Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG) on Friday, September 30 joined the Muslim Ummah in celebrating Eidul Ghadeer; an annual event observed by Muslims worldwide, especially, followers of the Ahlul-Bait school of thought. The incident of Ghadeer which happened on 18th Day of Dhul Haj at Ghadeer Khum, marks the induction of Imam Ali (a.s) by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a) as his successor and leader of the Muslim Ummah after his demise.


Speaking at the event on the theme, “Eidul Ghadeer: A Day of Friendship and Leadership”, the Director of Academic Administration, Mr. Mohammed Kassim commended the choice of theme, saying, it reflects the various interpretations assigned to the occasion by Muslims. He observed that whereas some Muslims view it as a day of friendship, others view it as an occasion that defines the political system of Islam.


Mr. Kassim argued that the day of Ghadeer Khum cannot be separated from the general course of the Islamic Message, “as it is an integral part of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWA) project and the guarantee which will ensure that his message is protected and secured”. Underpinning the leadership argument, Mr. Kassim underscored the religious significance of Ghadeer stating, “The Prophet (SAW) had to make sure that the process of change he had initiated would not come to an end when he left this world. Thus, appointing Ali to secure the continuity of the Message was the most significant aspect of this day.”


The speaker drew the attention of the participants to the fact that the appointment of Imam Ali (a.s.) as the leader of the Muslim Ummah was neither spontaneous nor because he was the Prophet's cousin or son-in-law; rather “The Messenger (SAWA), as ordered by Allah, had brought up Ali and prepared him, since the beginning of the Message and on all levels, to be his successor.”


Commenting on the attributes of Imam Ali (A.S), Mr. Kassim described him as a ruler who was armed with knowledge, piety, sacrifice, tolerance and modesty among others. He opined that these qualities made Ali (A.S) “the role model for every time and place” for demonstrating to all mankind how a true Islamic ruler should be.


He concluded by appealing to Muslims not to regard the events of Ghadeer from a sectarian perspective; as that will defeat the purpose of the occasion i.e. “ensuring the continuity of the message and making sure the message was kept intact for posterity”.


Celebrating the event is one of the Institution’s observable organizational cultures aimed at educating its members about Islamic history. It was organized by the Cultural and Religious Affairs Office of the IUCG and held in the Conference Hall. In attendance were the teaching and non-teaching staff of the University including the Head of Religious Studies Department, Dr. Alhaji Hussein I. Ibrahim who sat in the chair.


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