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Dr. Mohsen Maarefi, President of Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG) has underscored the need for religious bodies to institutionalize the fundamental values of modesty, truthfulness and patriotism among their followers. These values, according to him, are the underlying factors for the development of any society, with peace being its hard core.


Calling on Ghanaians to cherish the enviable peace that the nation is enjoying, Dr. Maarefi admonished, “not valuing peaceful coexistence is the reason behind the failure of many nations.” Buttressing the importance of peace, Dr. Maarefi quoted some verses discussing the subject matter both from the Bible and the Qur’an.


The President was speaking at a peace forum organized by Valley View University to, among other things, “stimulate and discuss ways by which citizens can foster peaceful, credible and inclusive elections in 2016.”


In his concluding remarks, Dr. Maarefi thanked the organizers noting, such a forum shows the relevance attached by faith based institutions - such as Valley View University and Islamic University College- to social and political issues of Ghana in addition to their main call of academic issues.
“Faith based institutions see it as a responsibility to play a role in important issues like elections which is a key factor in the development of the country,” he stressed.




On his part, Most Reverend Prof. Emmanuel Asante, Chairman of the Peace Council called on politicians to do away with the syndrome of ‘winner takes all’.
“This ‘winner takes it all’ mentality in our society has led to the ingrained desire by various political stakeholders to win ‘at all cost’ and thereby heightening the tension during electoral campaign seasons,” he lamented.


The Reverend Professor stressed that, “the quest for peace and security is an ongoing agenda for the human community,” and for it to be attained and maintained he opined, we need to check on the abuse of peoples’ rights under the guise of freedom of expression.


The program, held on September 22 at the Institute of Local Government Studies, witnessed participation of representatives of the Electoral Commission, chiefs and other traditional leaders, senior and junior members of other universities among others.




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