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Owing to the importance and benefits of Islamic knowledge the Islamic University College, Ghana [IUCG] has, under the auspices of the Women Affairs Committee [WAC-IUCG] introduced a weekly program intended to promote and enhance teaching and learning of the Holy Qur’an among its female students.


Explaining the purpose of the initiative, Madam Fatimah Ramshini, Chairperson, Women Affairs Committee underscored: “It is meant to equip our female students with the basic tenet of Islam; so that, as they strive for academic excellence, they will be imparted with the socially-desirable values of humility, honesty, fear of and trust in Allah.
So far, about fifty (50) students signed up for the program; and are being taken through courses such as Qur’anic recitation, Jurisprudence and Ethics and Morality” she stated.




On the participation criteria, the coordinator of the program, Madam Kauthar Khamis revealed; “it is open to all female students of the IUCG.” She, therefore, encourages participants to inform their colleagues to enroll. The Women Affairs Office is in charge of Women related issues, especially their welfare. It is being managed by Madam Fatimah Ramshini, Madam Kauthar Khamis, and Madam Rukaiyatu Sulley, among others.


It has since its establishment in 2015 organized many educational as well as religious programs, notably, the health seminar organized in collaboration with Iran Clinic and al-Hayaat Foundation. The weekly tutorial lasts for two hours (10.00 am to 12 noon) every Friday and takes place in the IUCG Auditorium.


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