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The Islamic University College, Ghana, sympathizes with the good people of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the deadly attack carried out by the Takfiri ISIS terrorist group on the Iranian Parliament and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhullah Khomeini, on Wednesday, June 7, which claimed 16 lives and injured many. This act is unreservedly condemned.


This heinous act on Iran's national symbols (parliament and mausoleum) is a threat not only to Iran but to human civilization and survival, as well as an assault on both secularism and religion.


If a "safe country" like Islamic Republic of Iran can be attacked, it means all should be on guard and be on security alert. Today it is Iran, tomorrow it could be another country. This, therefore, calls for consolidated efforts among world leaders to combat extremism in any form; it is the surest way to defeating terrorism.


May Allah have mercy on the souls of the deceased, grant the injured a speedy recovery, and console the bereaved. And may the people of Iran come out of this tragedy more united and triumphant.


The Islamic University College, Ghana, sympathizes with you and share your grief. Pleases do accept our sincerest condolence.


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