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The IUCG Library is the heart of the university and is therefore very vital to academic works. Since its inception, the library has been acquiring materials that suite the programmes the university offers. The library has four sections namely, the stack, reading hall, the e-library and the office of the librarian.


The Stack

The IUCG library started acquiring reference materials from the scratch and it now has about 9000 reference materials made up of: Religion and Allied subjects, Business Administration and Allied Sciences, Communication and journalism, Information Technology, Social Sciences, Arabic and English literatures, Western and African Novels, Magazines and Journals, and Dictionaries and encyclopedias. More stocks are being added every now and then.

Reading Hall

The library has a spacious and air-conditioned room which serves as the reading hall and is capable of accommodating 200 people at a time. There are future plans to expand the reading hall.

The e-Library

The electronic library was created to augment the print resources. It is housed within the library premises with 10 computers which are hooked to the Internet. The benefits of the e-library include access to free and credible resources from the Internet, access to the institutional repository (IUCG research output) and electronic books on DVDs.

Office of the Librarian

The office of the librarian is where library administrative works take place.


Accessing the Library Resources
The library is opened to all. However, to enjoy full services of the library like borrowing books, only IUCG members are allowed since the library software captures only registered members of IUCG.


Rules and Regulations
The library runs on rules and regulations vis-à-vis offences and sanctions which include:

    • Failure to return borrowed books
    • Loss or misplacement of books
    • Unlawful acquisition of library materials/stealing
    • Mutilation of books and related materials(Tearing of pages and writing in pages)
    • Use of Mobile Phones


Each of these offences is sanctioned. The sanctions are revised every year.

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