Title: "Meeting customer expectations of services: A case study of Papaye Fast Food"

Author: Ibrahim Masud

Year: 2006



Meeting customer expectations in service delivery is fundamental principle in marking ones product or service. Therefore, knowing what customers want and directing resources to satisfy those needs ensures continues customer loyalty and increase in sales.


However, in Ghana, this is far from the truth. Most service industries especially, the hospitality industry, fail to meet their customers’ expectations and therefore are experiencing customer disloyalty and consequently, decrease in sales. The management of Papaye fast foods, therefore, wants to know how to keep its customers satisfied at all times and to ensure its customer loyalty and increased sale growth.


This research is correlational type of research and variables involved here are customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer expectations and service quality. The data was analysed using graphs, tables, figures, percentages and it involved both descriptive and quantitative analysis.