Title: "The impact of unethical standards on sound financial management: A case study in Tamale Metropolis"

Author: Abdullai Amuda Yussif

Year: 2006



The success of every business depend on sound financial management. This is normally achieved when employees comply with ethical standards of organization. Some business organizations have not been successful because of poor financial performance as a result of unethical behaviors. Ethical standards refer to nothing but the establishedconsistent principles by which human actions and characters can be judged. Unethical standards on the other hand, are one’s actions, which are judged as wrong or unfair and dishonest.


The purpose of this study is to unveil the unethical behaviors associated with financial management in business organizations in the Tamale Metropolis. Field data were collected to give the researcher an informed opinion. The results from the field of study have indicated that unethical behaviours have become rampant in business organizations in the Tamale Metropolis, which lead to about thirty-five private and public companies in the country losing about an average of seven billion cedis (7,000,000,000) each year.


The study also discovered that unethical behaviours are caused by the proposal by management for tax evasions, pressure to meet objectives, lack of ethical values and so on. The consequent effects of these unethical behaviours include low production, poor servicing of loans, general economic devastation and so on.