Title: "Accounting practices and misappropriation of State funds by accountants in the Ghanaian public administration"

Author: Deborah Adu-Twumwaah

Year: 2006



The Auditor-General in his yearly reports keeps on revealing so many hidden cases concerning misappropriation of state funds in the public sector especially those that have to do with public Accountants. Misappropriation of state funds problem seems to be on the increase and this has brought a lot of headache to Ghanaians. As a result of this, there is a desperate demand from society and management of various public Administration as to how this problem should be solved.


This research decided to embark upon this topic in order to find the major factors that contribute to misappropriation of state funds problem and how the state can make the public Accountants more accountable to the state. The main purpose of this research was to determine the principal factors that make misappropriation of state funds so easy and rampant in the public sector. In doing this, the research was able to identify four factors that lead to misappropriation of state funds (that is low remuneration, poor supervision, poor accounting technology and insufficient educative programmes).


Three selected public administration were used as case studies for the research. The research was able to observe that three out of the four factors identifies (insufficient educative programmes, low remuneration and poor supervision) are the major factors causing misappropriation of state funds in the public sector. The other factor (accounting technology) was found out not to be among the major factors.


This calls for attention of all Ghanaians and the Ghana government to formulate policies that the nation can implementto improve upon the educative programmes, supervision, and remuneration and accounting software in the public sector accounts department so that public accountants will not be able to misappropriatestate funds.