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The bachelor of communication studies programme is a 4-year degree programme with three specialization:


The Objectives

    1. The programme define and explain with adequate examples basic theories and concepts in Communication studies and practically demonstrate the various communication processes
    2. To enrich student with a deeper knowledge and skills in Communication and related disciplines
    3. The programme seeks to produce graduates who can apply creativity, critical thinking, innovative and problem-solving skills with the right temperament in managing the media environment in deprived and marginalized societies in Ghana
    4. Also students can apply and relate the theories and concepts of Communication to the demands of rural communities, Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, the private and traditional sectors of Ghana, and the global setting
    5. To develop the virtues of tolerance and consensus building and be professionally and ethically upright in upholding the good name of the media business
    6. To enrich students with entrepreneurial skills that will let them to become self-reliant and self-sustaining
    7. To inculcate moral and ethical values in students for best and fair communication or media practices.
    8. To provide the best possible communication studies education for job placement, retention and career development opportunities.


Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
Degree awarded by: University of Ghana, Legon
Workload: 136 Credits
Duration: 4 years


Career Prospect

The programme is designed to offer the requisite training for students who intend to work in the various fields of the mass media and other areas of mass communications. Students of this option can thus be found in corporate and public organizations as public relations officer (PRO), communication director, media manager, advertising analysts, etc.  Students may also choose to become a freelance journalist or blogger.


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