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This is a 4-year degree programme aims at students interested in Religious Studies (Islamic option).


The Objectives

    1. To enrich the students with religious and social values of honesty, truthfulness, open-mindedness, dignity of labour, efficiency in performance of one’s duties, and service to community.
    2. To enhance the general knowledge of Islam and appreciation of the different schools of thought in order to promote unity among Muslims in Ghana, Africa and the world at large.
    3. To train new crop of enlightened and dynamic leadership for the Muslim community in Ghana and Africa.
    4. To prepare students to be self-motivated, self-reliant and time-conscious in their workplace.


Programme modules


Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts in Relegious Studies (Islamic Studies)
Degree awarded by: University of Ghana, Legon
Workload: 136 Credits
Duration: 4 years


Career Prospect

Graduates of this programme are being employed as teachers of religious instruction, journalists, preachers, civil servants and diplomats, and in the private-sector business firms as counsellors and mediators.

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